Safe Defender Inside

Your safe’s contents demand the best protection…

Safe Defender Delivers.

There are a wide variety of items we trust our safes to protect. With a durable, bulletproof design, made in America quality, and a commitment to fail-safe technology. Safe Defender was built to respond when your fire safe begins to fail. Some things are priceless, Safe Defender protects them.

Safety & Sport

The safety of you and your family is crucial. Protecting the things we use to defend ourselves is paramount. We understand the investment in these resources and security they provide, that’s why we’ve created Safe Defender. We firmly believe the best defense is a good offense.


With so many potential threats to our digital and personal identities, ensuring the sensitive documents that legally define us are safe at all times, is another reason we chose to create Safe Defender. We understand social security numbers, passports, birth certificates, etc. are essential to how we function.


Similar to our personal identity documents, the banking, legal, home, investment and asset management documents are the legacy papers we depend on to pass on our life’s work to future generations. Our CO2 exchange process provides next level security that these papers are protected in the event of a house fire.


During the extremes temperatures of a home fire, even precious stones, jewels and metals and can be degraded. Safe Defender was designed to mitigate this intense heat, create internal air flow, and positive pressure inside the safe, so that the quality of your families valuables are maintained in the event of a fire.


Protecting the emergency funds and self-managed hard currency remains a standard practice for many people in America. Having resources on-hand for immediate or unforeseen circumstances or just to keep some of your hard-earned money close at hand. Safe Defender protects your emergency funds.


Probably the most valuable of all assets in a home… Family heirlooms represent the items people cherish most. These items are as diverse and personal as there are people and journey’s. At Safe Defender, we know your unique collection represents a deep connection to your family and it’s heritage. Our goal is to ensure it survives to tell your story.



At Safe Defender, we believe the best defense is a good offense.